The Film

Desperate Venture 2007 (click image to view video)

Banks Island 2009 (click image to view video)

We have created a 10-minute draft of a promotional film called Desperate Venture, which features some sequences from interviews with Elders and with the Austin family as well as images from Sandy’s photo album. When completed, the Desperate Venture film will be shown at Arctic events and at Arctic and other film festivals. Some footage from the five hours of new HD video-recording completed in July 2009, including places and wildlife mentioned in the manuscript and new interviews with Elders, will be incorporated into the promotional film.

New funding will allow us to create a 30-minute documentary on the entire Desperate Venture project. We will film during the proposed field work on Banks Island in 2010 which will include the planned trip to the camp and schooner that Sandy and Nap left at Cora Harbour, and a trip to Sandy’s camp at Mary Sachs Creek, just west of Sachs Harbour.

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